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How to set up a landing page for SAP Analytics cloud dashboard?

Author:  Ankit  Arora


SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful tool that enables organizations to create and share interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations. One essential component of an analytics solution is a landing page. It is the entry point to the SAP Analytics C…

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Unlocking the Power of SAP BW Authorization: Maximizing Efficiency through Automated Processes

Author:  Sawan Sinha


Have you been tired of manually maintaining the roles and authorization to the user id. Now you don’t!

But before proceeding with the solution let us understand what is the exact function of authorization? Why do we need it?

Authorizations Use


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SAP Analytics Cloud Unified Story Features

Author:  Manisha Pandey


The Optimized Story Experience from Unified Story is a cutting-edge solution for creating and managing data visualizations, analytics applications, and interactive experiences. This innovative platform combines the best features of stories, analytics desi…

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How to turbo charge SAP Analytics cloud (SAC) using Custom Widgets – Part I

Author:  Vinayak Tiwari


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses require access to real-time data and insights to make informed decisions. Analytical apps have become a vital tool for businesses, but they must be user-friendly and provide relevant information in…

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Consolidation: what is the difference between Legal & Management Consolidation - Part II?

Legal Consolidation

One of our Textiles Client and  wanted to consolidate their various companies one Consolidation Group – *Super Textile Group of Companies

  • Super Textiles - Holding
  • Subsid1 Textiles – Subsidiary
  • Assoc1 Textiles – Associates
  • ….

*Names of companies are i…

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Comparison of Consolidation Tools from SAP - Part I


SAP Customers are always curious about which SAP Consolidation Tool is the perfect fit for their Organizational needs. In my last 15+ years with various SAP Tools and in particular consolidation tools and projects I have come across following :

  • SAP BPC Standard …

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